Comments & Feedback

I'm delighted to share with you some of the comments and feedback that I've received over the years from my prior students and clients.
I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on many occasions, in West End productions and in my own concerts all over the UK. Paul is a truly gifted musician, his passion for music and his professionalism make him a joy to work with.
Louise Dearman - Musical Theatre Actress
Special thanks to Paul for fixing an amazing band and for being a rock on the day.
Jennifer Whyte – Composer/Arranger, MD/Pianist
Paul is an hugely versatile and knowledgeable musician. Apart from being an unreasonably talented clarinetist, he is also an excellent woodwind trebler, composer and writer on music and music education issues.
Chris Walters - CASSGB Magazine Editor

I’ve always had a passion for musical theatre and when I came to an open day at RBC, I was delighted to learn that Jenni had in the last few years set up a brilliant scheme to encourage and promote musical theatre playing, as well as recruit Paul Saunders, the current and possibly most respected West End woodwind player. This strongly influenced my decision to choose RBC over other conservatoires.. I can’t imagine having a better start to what I hope will be my future career playing in theatre pit bands and can’t thank Jenni (and Paul) enough for this amazing opportunity.

Benjamin Adams – RBC Student

Paul Saunders was a breath of fresh air in my musical life! His ability to adapt to the learner’s needs makes lessons fun, engaging and creative. These qualities allow the lessons to flow with ease as multi-instrumentalist performance and learning can be physically demanding. Alongside this, it can also be mentally challenging. Paul is able to guide students through the psychological challenges of adapting to this style of learning and eventually the transition to becoming a ‘working professional musician’. 

Multi-instrumental skills have enabled me to be involved in various types of work within the areas of music performance and education. Being able to play various woodwind instruments is very helpful for gaining work as teacher, especially with music services and schools.

Daisy Evans – Professional Woodwind Freelancer
Shortly towards the end of my time at RBC, Paul Saunders gave a class which gave a great insight into life as a multi-instrumentalist. At this time, I started having lessons with Paul to learn more about the skills needed to become a part of this area of the musical world. After leaving RBC, most of my work has been multi-instrumental and very rarely on just clarinet. I realised that there is so much I hadn’t learnt about this side of playing and undoubtedly so much more still to learn but I am very excited to hear about the opportunity to study this at PG level as if I had my time again, I would most certainly select this option thus enabling me to gain the essential skills which I’ve found imperative to succeed as a musician.
Charlotte Wales - Professional Woodwind Freelancer
Having had clarinet lessons with Paul on and off for around 2 years, my clarinet playing has improved considerably. A man of many a musical metaphor he encourages sound and solid progression in clarinet technical together with enhancing the understanding of what clarinet playing/expression is all about. For a sax player, aiming to further his clarinet chops, I have found this invaluable and would thoroughly recommend Paul to any musician, no matter what standard they are.
Anto Lawton - Professional Saxophonist and Woodwind Trebler
Saunders’ tunes are fun and musically satisfying—to my tastes, the best among the doubling etude books so far.
Bret Pimentel - Woodwind Artist
These trebling resources from Paul Saunders are a real gem, offering players who need to keep their mind and fingers limber a rare treat - the varying levels of standard allows aspiring treblers to develop skills in a bespoke and fun way, not just focusing on the playability on each instrument but the logistics of changing instrument at a few bars notice!
Olivia Wild - Howarth of London