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Video Resources on My YouTube Channel

On my YouTube channel you’ll find a range of exercises to make the dull subject of practise SO much more fun. From simple warm-ups to backings to existing exercises, please free to check them out and comment should you wish.

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Clarinet Repair Form

Here’s a form that you might like to use when handing over your BELOVED clarinet to an instrument technician. All keys are listed giving you the option of making notes by each one with guidance for them. Your technician will always have a view on what needs doing and (as YOU are the customer!) should always be considerate of your request. Complete the form and leave it in your case and between you and your tech, you can agree what needs to be done.

Stravinsky Three Pieces for Solo Clarinet

Possibly the greatest of all the solo clarinet repertoire these pieces often challenge people when attempting to interpret them. I thought I might add my own take to them by adding a piano part, presumptuous I know but hey! Why not?! You might like to consider breaking up a performance by using just ONE of the accompaniments, it will generate a talking point if nothing else!

Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy my rendition of them and if you would like a copy, they are available for download bleow. I’ve had to rewrite at lot of it especially the 2nd Movement as it is in unmetered time.

I (Preferably Clarinet in A)

‘Sempre p e molto tranquillo’. An opportunity to explore the depths of the clarinets low register. There are two bars of 7/8 as your introduction from the piano and then, you’re in.


II Preferably Clarinet in A

My favourite (as if that matters!) is this middle movement and is written with no time signature. It’s very jazzy and this has led me to my harmonic choices. I realise this might not be to everyone’s taste, but I don’t mind! On my recording, I made the decision to slow the second section down. I like the ‘funkiness’ of this part and I felt it helped to contrast the outer FAST sections. Two bar introduction to set the speed for those sextuplets…


III Preferably Clarinet in B♭

Well, this one is nothing short of a riot! What fun this can be and I only hope my accompaniment does it justice. Syncopation and changing time signatures all help to create a feeling of excitement felt from beginning to end. I’ve even put a little of “Rite of Spring” in this just for fun! Once again, two bars to ‘get ready!’