Follow The Leader


Ever wondered what it was like to play in a West End Sax Section?

This funky exercise is for Alto and Tenor Saxophone and one of the music business’ most talented and popular players, James Mainwaring, has recorded it for you to play along to.

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By matching the note lengths and looking out for any of my rhythmic ‘landmines’, you will gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a member of a West End Sax Section!

James performs all the parts but where you get to join in by playing either the Alto 2 or Tenor Part on the tracks that have those parts muted.

There is also a ‘Be the Leader’ version where you get the chance to play the lead part with James on the other two parts and finally, a backing track with all saxes muted for you to record your own version should you wish.

Full list of included parts and tracks

  • All three saxophone parts in PDF form plus the following tracks:
  • Full Demo – James Mainwaring playing all parts
  • ‘Follow the Leader’ – Alto 2 muted
  • ‘Follow the Leader’ – Tenor muted
  • ‘Be the Leader’ – Alto 2 and Tenor muted
  • Backing – for you to record your own version