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Thank you for your visit to the website of Paul Saunders; clarinetist and woodwind multi-instrumentalist. This website serves as a record of previous engagements and contact details and information should you wish to use Paul for future projects.
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So You Want To Play In Shows…?

This new book by Paul Saunders features seven compositions complete with live backing tracks. These pieces are designed to be practiced and performed whilst sitting down. This emulates the environment of a pit player with the instruments required, (Flute, Clarinet and Alto Sax), ready on stands in front of you, exactly as a recording studio or theatre pit.

Pieces Included

1. Acid
2. Charlwood
3. How Cool Can You Be
4. To Rio
5. Matinee Idol
6. Treading the Bored
7. Tried and Dried

Includes FREE piano backing tracks

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Howarth of London

“These trebling resources from Paul Saunders are a real gem, offering players who need to keep their mind and fingers limber a rare treat – the varying levels of standard allows aspiring treblers to develop skills in a bespoke and fun way, not just focusing on the playability on each instrument but the logistics of changing instrument at a few bars notice!

As a saxophonist, clarinettist and a struggling flautist it became clear to me that everyone will find their strengths and weaknesses to build on. The jazzy styles of this series engages your ear, helping you to transfer your skills. A breath of fresh air for woodwind players. Highly recommended.”

Olivia Wild, Clarinet Manager – Howarth of London

Howarth of London are internationally known as makers of the finest oboes, oboes d’amore and English horns. Alongside their role as makers, they are one of the world’s leading suppliers of oboes, bassoons, clarinets and saxophones.

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Some excerpts from reviews by Bret Pimentel

So You Want To Play In Shows…?

“Saunders’s tunes are fun and musically satisfying—to my tastes, the best among the doubling etude books so far. Styles are what you might find in contemporary rock/pop-based musical theater…”

So You Want to Play In Shows is a solid addition to the flute/clarinet/alto materials available, challenging but fun for an up-and-coming doubler…”

Bret Pimentel

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Double Troubles

“This is an elegant solution to one of the problems of woodwind doubling etudes: how do you enforce quick instrument switches? … Saunders’s book, used with the recordings, provides a simple way to work out quick switches alone in a practice room…”

Bret Pimentel

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Featured Compositions

Colin Holds Court

This piece provides a good technical workout for the 1st B flat and 1st E flat parts with some tricky moments appearing in the accompanying parts.

Please feel free to listen to the Demo and if you like it, why not buy it?! You’ll have the score, all the parts and the backing track. By dragging the audio file into your chosen recording software you can even record it yourself. Have fun!

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Includes FREE MP3 backing tracks

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Free Download of Reverie

Composed for a school woodwind ensemble, this piece can be performed using many different instrument combinations. Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassoon or Bass Clarinet. Approximate standard G3/4.

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